The Team

Birgit Offersen:

About Birgit:

Without Birgit, there would simply be no BIWI Sprogservice. In addition to translating, Birgit is responsible for customer contact and coordination. She’s also the lady who guarantees the high quality of our translations and makes sure that we always deliver on time.

German is the bee in Birgit’s bonnet. As if translating to German all day long were not enough, she prefers to spend her holidays in a dirndl drinking beer from a stein.


Birgit has a Master’s Degree in Linguistics. She is a fully qualified German translator and has Danish-English bilingual secretarial qualifications.

Birgit has been at the helm of BIWI Sprogservice since 2002. In the early years, the company focused on translating to and from German. Since then new skills and areas of interest have been added to our services and today’s BIWI Sprogservice provides multilingual services.

Birgit Offersen Biwi Sprog

Ulla Skou Holbech:


Ulla has a sharp eye for translation and proofreading. Nothing is left to chance. She specialises in technical language, marketing, culture and teaching (something of a mixed bag)! Ulla translates to and from English and from Swedish and Norwegian into Danish.

When Ulla isn’t absorbed by a computer screen – with a translation or her blog – she’s 110% Mum to AT. She often spends time as the pillion passenger on a motorbike and is known to pull out all the stops at rock concerts!


Ulla has a Master’s Degree in Linguistics. She is a fully qualified English translator and has Danish-German bilingual secretarial qualifications.

Ulla has more than 17 years of translation experience. She began her career working as an in-house translator at several translation agencies. In 2001 she went solo and has been her own boss ever since.

Cooperation between Ulla and BIWI Sprogservice dates back more than a decade. Ulla has now become so permanent a feature that her company shares an office address with BIWI Sprogservice.

Ulla Schou Holbech

Mette Lindquist:

About Mette:

Mette is crazy about copy writing and transcreation. If you “only” need a translation, she can do that for you too. Mette works as our copywriter and mother-tongue translator from German, English, Swedish and Norwegian into Danish. Don’t worry for a second. Mette will put all the commas in the right places.

When Mette leaves her desk, she often takes up her yarn. Give her open skies and a yacht in the Lillebælt straits and she’s as happy as a sandboy!


Mette has business language qualifications in English and German and has since earned a Master’s degree in International Business Communication from the University of Southern Denmark.

Mette has a professional career spanning 25 years and a wide range of skills, including text production, translation, text review and proofreading. In Spring 2014, she took the plunge and became a full-time freelancer. She has worked closely with BIWI Sprogservice since August 2014.

Mette lindquist