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About us

BIWI Sprogservice has a team of highly-motivated and -qualified translators led by Birgit Offersen. The team is jointly responsible for maintaining high standards of linguistic quality and meeting deadlines. Working together, we ensure that you receive the best possible translation of your text.

Our team is blessed with the benefits of academic language educations, specialist subjects and know-how from a complete palette of professional fields – and often that little sprinkling of something extra to add the perfect finish to your translations.

In addition to our team, we have business partners who help to keep the wheels turning at BIWI Sprogservice.

BIWI Sprogservice is located in Horsens, Denmark. You will find Birgit at the office most days, whereas our freelance translators usually work from home. None of us is farther away than a phone call or email.

At BIWI Sprogservice , we take pride in supplying the best possible service and high-quality translations.