It’s common knowledge that first impressions matter most. Have you ever given up on reading an article after two paragraphs because you found silly grammar or spelling mistakes?

At BIWI Sprogservice, we’re dab hands at spotting the errors in a text and we believe it is best to check the text before it reaches the reader.

Our clients benefit from our services. We pay attention to detail as we review your texts. We weed out typing errors and spelling mistakes, we set (or move) commas and ensure that your text is clear, that it makes sense and that it communicates the message you intended.

There are three categories of proofreading:

  • Category 1 – We correct spelling mistakes and typing, punctuation and grammatical errors.
  • Category 2 – Like Category 1 plus we improve the text if/where it is ambiguous, misleading or lacks logic and structure.
  • Category 3 – A rewrite. We rewrite the document more or less in its entirety. We remain faithful to your message but ensure that is communicated more clearly and efficiently.