BIWI Sprogservice appreciates the true value of a good network. We have our own internal network and are active in several networks in the business community.

These include:


“At Relationsfabrikken, we create business networks. Our network focuses on creating new business connections and more customers for our members’ companies.”

BIWI Sprogservice has been a member of the Relationsfabrikken network since 2015.


Dansk Tysk Handelskammer (Danish-German Chamber of Commerce)

“… networking, … advisory services, … your partner on the German market.”

BIWI Sprogservice has been a member of Dansk-Tysk Handelskammer since 2014.

Business Horsens

“Business Horsens is an independent association, the purpose of which is to boost corporate development and innovation. We work with 662 local member companies – and in close cooperation with Horsens Municipality and Væksthus Midtjylland (Business Development Centre Central Denmark).”

BIWI Sprogservice has been a member of Business Horsens since 2013.

And everywhere else where we are known to trip the light fantastic from time to time: